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Hand and foot surgery

Even in language hands and feet play an important role. Expressions like “grasping things“ and “standing with both feet on the ground“ have not developed without reason.

Grasping and walking are among the most common daily activities. Whenever pain and injury prevent us from using our hands or feet, our daily life is impaired considerably.

Our experienced surgeons provide for optimal treatment of hand and foot injuries to prevent long-term damage.

Movement without pain again- at last

At our practice, we take care of patients with finger, toe, hand and foot diseases and injuries. Based on more than 30 years of expertise, we focus on the diagnosis, surgical treatment and therapeutic care of accident and occupational injury patients. In collaboration with our qualified staff we use the PAN Clinic’s well-equipped operating theatres. Your hands and feet are in good hands with us – whether in emergency or long-term treatment.

Range of services

  • Hand and foot surgery
  • Trauma surgery
  • Occupational accidents / School accidents / Accident Insurance
  • Consulting Service
  • Reconstructive surgery
  • Microsurgery


Single Practice for Hand, Foot and Trauma Surgery
Zeppelinstr. 2
50667 Cologne
Tel: +49 (0)221/25825-25
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Office hours/appointments by arrangement

Your physician

Paul J. Altmann
Consultant Surgeon/Trauma Surgeon/Hand Surgeon
Accident Insurance Consultant

Office Hours/Appointments

Appointments by arrangement.
Tel: +49 (0)221/25825-25

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