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Personalised health care

PAN Prevention Center

A lack of exercise, wrong diets, smoking or stress – there are numerous factors that compromise our health long before we even notice. It is of vital importance not to ignore any complaints but address them promptly. Early identification of a problem allows for a wider range of treatment opportunities and ways of preventing further problems. Personalised preventive care – you are in the best hands!

Individualised - integrated – evidence-based

In cooperation with all specialist disciplines of the PAN Clinic, we offer you personalised, interdisciplinary health care. The PAN Prevention Centre arranges for a smooth check-up with a designated contact person. We accompany you on your way to recognising and reducing your personal risk factors.

Range of services

  • Individual & standardised preventive check-ups in collaboration with all specialist disciplines
    • for private clients
    • for corporate clients
  • Early therapy
  • Courses in medical dietetics
Have a check-up with medical experts and take the first steps to maintain good health! Learn more about the different check-up offers at the PAN Preventations Center!

Early therapy

  • Psychological counselling
  • Exercise therapy
  • Nutrition advice

Courses in medical dietetics

  • Mediterranean diet to prevent chronic diseases
  • Learn how to cook healthy food
  • Nutrition advice for patients who are overweight, have high blood pressure or metabolic disorders (e.g. lipopathy, type 2 diabetes mellitus).