Integrated care  

Better care thanks to interdisciplinary
diagnostics and therapy

Integrated care stands for interdisciplinary diagnostics and therapy in which all parties involved pursue a common concept: From the visit to the general practitioner to the inpatient stay and rehabilitation, everything is carefully thought through and tailored to your medical needs. Individual diagnoses and treatment steps are carefully coordinated in advance. The same applies to the need for any additional support from physiotherapists, psychologists, medical supply stores, pharmacies and other points of contact. The content of all these services is agreed in direct contracts between the individual providers and the health insurance companies.

Do you have any questions about integrated care or would you like to know whether there is a cooperation agreement with your health insurance company? Please contact us by telephone on 0221 2776-113.


Gynaecology: endometriosis surgery, adhesiolysis, polyps, hysterectomies, fibroids

Orthopaedics: shoulder surgery, meniscus surgery; foot surgery

Hand centre: Duputren contracture, operations on the soft tissue of the hand

Hernia surgery: hernias, gall bladder surgery



Minimally invasive endoscopic operations in gynaecology

3.IKK Classic

About IVM plus:

IVM plus is a supra-regional network of service providers and cost bearers in which patients from all over Germany receive optimal and effective care. The company acts as a link between patients, doctors and health insurance companies within the framework of special care.

Neurosurgery: Intervertebral disc operations

Gynaecology: endometriosis operations, adhesiolysis, polyps, hysterectomies, fibroids

Hernia surgery: hernia operations


Gynaecology: endometriosis, ovarian surgery, adhesiolysis, conisation, fibroids, polyps, hysterectomies

Orthopaedics: shoulder operations, meniscus

5.BKK die Bergische, R&V, RWE

Gynaecology: fibroids, polyps, hysterectomies, endometriosis, ovarian surgery, conisation

Orthopaedics: operations on menisci, shoulder, forefoot/hallux, cruciate ligament Surgery: hernias, gall bladder operations

Hand surgery: Dup. contracture, rhizarthrosis

6.Various BKKen…

About Micado:

MICADO HEALTH CARE GmbH is a management company founded by doctors that has set itself the task of improving quality in the healthcare system by establishing integrated care structures. To this end, MICADO has concluded supply contracts with various health insurance companies, both regionally and nationally, which can be utilised by qualified doctors and clinics by joining as third parties.

What do you need to do to take advantage of integrated care?

If you have a co-operation agreement with your health insurance company for integrated care, the process is very straightforward:

  • You visit a doctor at the PAN clinic. The doctor will make a diagnosis and check whether there is an indication for integrated care.
  • If there is a corresponding indication, you decide whether you want the treatment.
  • If you decide in favour of treatment, you will receive your surgery appointment immediately. Provided there are no medical or personal reasons for postponement, the operation will take place within 14 days.

An all-round good feeling 

With treatment as part of integrated care, you know that everyone involved in your treatment will work closely together and pursue the optimum treatment concept for you. It is likely that you will already know your surgeon from your consultation and you will also be familiar with the PAN Klinik am Neumarkt from your previous appointment. You also know that you will continue to be looked after by a doctor you know after the operation until the treatment is complete. All of this can take away some of the stress that many people feel when faced with an operation.

Shorter hospital stays, more transparency and lower costs

Thanks to high-quality treatment and close co-operation between all those involved, it is possible to significantly reduce the length of your hospital stay. To promote this, extensive quality assurance measures are part of our contract with the health insurance companies. In addition to the consultation with your doctor, we will also explain to you in writing exactly how your treatment will proceed – naturally formulated in such a way that everything is easy to understand, even for non-medical professionals. Another advantage: the integrated approach reduces treatment costs and you will be reimbursed part of your co-payments.