Quality & Certificates 

Measures to improve, safeguard and make transparent our quality

Voluntarily submitted quality reports

The preparation of a quality report in accordance with the German Social Security Code (SGB) is mandatory for hospitals authorised in accordance with § 108 SGB V. As a practice clinic, we are not subject to this requirement. Nevertheless, we disclose our data so that you can get a well-founded picture of the quality of our services. 
To make it easier for you to compare us with other clinics and hospitals, we have based our quality report on the specifications of the Joint Federal Committee and have tried to strike a balance between technical language and general comprehensibility. 

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Regularly certified quality management 

Our quality management system in accordance with DIN ISO 9001 is regularly audited by LGA InterCert, which is part of TÜV Rheinland:


  • Spatial and equipment facilities
  • staff selection
  • modernity
  • Continuous further training of the team
  • Selection of co-operation partnerships and delivery services
  • 24-hour security service
  • 24-hour availability 365 days a year


  • Best possible diagnostics and therapy selection
  • effectiveness of the processes
  • waiting times
  • hygiene
  • emergency management

Certificate (EN)

Quality seal for hospitals  

Together against antibiotic-resistant germs

The mre-netz offers participation in a quality seal for hospitals. The main aim is to coordinate the infection hygiene management of multi-resistant pathogens in healthcare and community facilities in the participating districts in the interests of preventive health protection for the population. By participating in the seal, we are helping to protect patients from infections to which they may be exposed as a result of medical treatment. We have regularly taken part in the quality audits of the mre-netz rhein-ahr (www.mre-rhein-ahr.net) since 2013.

Why we rely on quality management

Managing Director Carsten Ritterrath in an interview: "With the quality management system, we are systematising our efforts to become better and making it easier for everyone,
to achieve this goal.


Our quality policy