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For over 20 years, the PAN Clinic in Cologne has also established itself as a centre for minimally invasive surgery.

Thanks to modern robot-assisted "keyhole surgery", even complex operations - such as radical prostatectomy for prostate cancer - can be carried out very precisely, gently and highly efficiently by surgeons with many years of experience. Care is provided in cooperation with our specialist urology practice. 

This significantly shortens the post-operative, inpatient recovery phase and guarantees a high degree of treatment success.

    Robot-assisted prostatectomy

    „Da Vinci X“

    ›› 30x magnification with 3D optics
    ›› Complex movement options
    ›› Complete tumour removal possible
    ›› Low blood loss, less pain and complications
    ›› Rapid recovery of erectile function and urinary incontinence

    Prostatectomy procedure

    ›› Special preliminary examinations
    ›› Information meeting with the surgeon and anaesthetist
    ›› Inpatient admission the day before 

    Surgical procedure
    ›› Induction of anaesthesia
    ›› Positioning of the DaVinci system
    ›› Dissection, exposure and removal of the prostate and seminal vesicles while protecting the nerves (NeuroSAFE technique)
    ›› Placement of a bladder catheter and reconstruction of the urethra, skin suture
    ›› Recovery room, IMC, inpatient aftercare
    ›› Operation lasts 2-3 hours 

    Inpatient aftercare
    ›› Inpatient stay approx. 1 week, removal of the bladder catheter after a few days, physiotherapy
    ›› Possibility of psycho-oncological care:
    ›› Human genetic counselling: read more 

    ›› Regular check-ups
    ›› Three-monthly PSA check-up in the first two years of follow-up care
    ›› Organisation of rehab in Bad Wildungen if required:                        

    Unsere Operateure

    1.Curriculum vitae

    • 1993         
      Medical state examination, University of Mainz
    • ab 1994    
      Specialist training in urology in Mainz, Forsbach and Würzburg
    • 1999         
      Specialist in urology
    • 2002
      Ltd. senior consultant at the Urology Clinic in Gronau, specialising in robot-assisted surgery
    • 2008
      Established in Wuppertal-Barmen
    • 10/2022
      Robot-assisted surgery / PAN Clinic Cologne
    • Trainer for robot-assisted surgery
    • Member of the German Society for Robot-Assisted Urology (DGRU) and the German Society for Urology (DGU)

    1.Curriculum vitae

    • Medical studies in Vienna and Düsseldorf
    • 2002 
      Licence to practice medicine
    • 2002 - 2007     
      Specialist training UK Aachen and Düsseldorf
    • 2007               
      Specialist in urology
    • 2007 - 2009
      Senior physician UK Düsseldorf
    • 2009 - 2010
      Ltd OA Alexander Krefeld Hospital
    • 2010 - 2012
      Senior physician UK Jena
    • 2012 - 2017
      Deputy Clinic Director UK Jena
    • 2017 - 2018
      Ltd. doctor at Uroviva Clinic, Zurich
    • 2018Section head for robot-assisted urology, subsequently LOA UK Cologne
    • Ab 2023         
      Head of Urology, Frechen Hospital and robot-assisted surgery / PAN Clinic Cologne
    • Member of the German Society for Robot-Assisted Urology (DGRU) and the German Society of Urology (DGU)


    Dr. med. Florian H. Hartmann, MHBA
    Specialist in urology


    3rd floor
    50667 Cologne / Neumarkt-Galerie
    Phone: 0221/2776-270
    Fax: 0221/2776-277

    Dr. med. Sassan Nazari
    Chief Physician
    Specialist in urology, drug-based tumour therapy and palliative medicine.
    Specialist human genetic counselling

    Priv. Doz. Dr. med. Jan Herden 
    Specialist in urology, andrology and drug-based tumour therapy
    Specialist human genetic counselling

    Dr. Dr. med. Johan Denil
    Specialist in urology, andrology, drug-based tumour therapy
    Specialist human genetic counselling

    Dr. med. Yadollah davoudi
    Specialist in urology

    Dr. med. sandra zimmer
    Specialist in urology



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    Phone: 0221/2776-126 /-113

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    Urology Department of the PAN Clinic
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